The World Traveler

Ken Cutshaw has covered the globe throughout his impressive career. Now he’s tasked with translating that experience into success at Quiznos International.

Ken Cutshaw has worn many hats in his illustrious career. The native Tennessean and lawyer by trade was an executive for the 1982 World Exposition; acted as a campaign manager for a 1984 U.S. Senate campaign; served in the U.S. government with the Reagan and Bush administrations; and cofounded a private university in the nation of Georgia.

He’s also shared his expertise with the restaurant industry. Cutshaw cofounded Cheers Funeatery, a casual-dining restaurant group in Tennessee, and was a founding partner with Red, Hot & Blue, a 30-plus-unit casual barbecue chain. He also served as executive vice president for international and chief legal officer for Cajun Operating Company, parent of Church’s Chicken.

Today, Cutshaw is president of Denver-based Quiznos International, tasked with expanding a system that earned more than $230 million at nearly 700 units in 30 countries around the world in 2012—all while its domestic counterpart was resetting much of its menu and management team in an attempt to reverse falling sales and store counts.

Cutshaw joined the Quiznos team in September and, in November, sat down with editor Sam Oches to discuss his early results and long-term vision for the brand.